• Why choose EMT?

    EMT Is All About the Repair

The onus is squarely on us to Repair and Return your servo motor to the original OEM specs because…

We don’t push new servo motor replacements on you AND we don’t offer a motor swap option.

Why is this important to you?

EMT devotes more effort into helping extend the life of your servo motor than do other repair providers. There’s really no fallback option or a “Plan B” for us. We only succeed when we save you the money that otherwise would be spent buying a costlier new replacement motor.

Best Service Techs in the Business

When it’s all about the repair, you can be assured that the industry’s best servo motor repair specialists are servicing your motor. Each of our “homegrown” servo experts have been extensively trained at our repair facility, as well as in the OEMs’ production plants. Constant up-to-date training helps ensure that the highest level of expertise goes into every repair.

Best Facilities and Equipment Anywhere

It’s not enough to simply say you have the best servo motor techs serving your customers. In order for these experts to perform at their highest level, they require having the best diagnostic equipment and facilities in which to operate.

Not content with using only commercially produced test equipment, EMT has the technical wherewithal to have developed many of our own fixtures in-house. As a result, we are able to provide a more accurate diagnosis of the various issues any one servo motor may face. Just as importantly, creating our own fixtures is a lot more cost effective than buying expensive manufactured equipment. We pass those savings on to you in the form of lower repair costs.

Our Goal: Save You Money

We understand that you have a lot riding on your servo motor. When it is not operating fully, probably neither are you. That is why EMT is dedicated to providing prompt and expert servo motor repair at a fair price. By restoring your servo motor to its OEM specs, you will save money by avoiding a new motor purchase.


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