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Our Diagnosis-Repair-Test Process

All servo motors that arrive at EMT are immediately evaluated both electrically and mechanically by our service techs to better assess the problem at hand. The servo motor is tested and the feedback device analyzed, using our patented software programs to determine the actual cause of failure.

This time-tested process is done quickly and concisely, all at NO CHARGE to you.

We never quote the price of a repair before having the opportunity to handle the servo motor ourselves. Other servo repair providers will skip the evaluation phase by simply citing a book price for a repair. Others will judge the motor to be unrepairable, then offer to sell the customer a new motor. EMT’s approach saves our customers money. They get charged for the exact repair that was performed, not for an array of potential repairs that were grouped together in a book price quote.
Once we have completed our free evaluation of your servo motor, you will receive a firm quote for the price of the repair. “Firm” means that once you have approved our quote, we will not be coming back to you with “unexpected costs” that were not foreseen during the initial diagnosis.
When you receive a repair estimate from EMT, it's our pledge to do the work quickly and expertly, at the exact price we've quoted to you. It's all about earning your trust at EMT.


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