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“We looked at Servo Motors and recognized that this technology was the future…
for our industry and for us.” — Andy Butz, Co-founder of EMT

When Andy Butz and Dwaine York launched Electric Motor Technologies (EMT) in 1999, they did so knowing that their world was changing. Having previously worked together in the traditional electromechanical service industry, they saw the sudden growth in servo motor popularity as a key opportunity for their new company’s future.

Early on they understood the complex mechanics that allow servo motors to deliver dynamic performance capabilities and superior motion control. They also realized that this same complexity makes servo motors the most difficult of motors to repair.

A partnership was soon formed when a key player in the servo drive sector came looking for someone to handle their servo repairs. This led to the hiring of a servomotor specialist from a leading servo manufacturer, who went to work establishing the company’s highly-regarded testing and repair processes that we’re known for today.

By focusing on outstanding customer service, EMT has steadily built a servo motor repair business that now serves companies across the United States.

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